Sing for Hope, Sing for Change

Sing for Hope, Sing for Change does what every human being in this world wishes to do: they help uplift people’s spirit through music. Music, as we know it, possesses this magical ability to replenish people with a new kind of energy so their life will not be as bleak and dull as it were before. The website does just that and the best thing about it is that it offers its service for free and for public. Anyone can enjoy the benefits this organization offers and everyone can have them without paying at all. Its programs include bringing art to those in dire need of cheering and supports. Music performances are held at public spots and anyone who finds themselves in a hard situation can improve their moods just by listening to the music being played.

There is this event held annually where pianos are placed at public spots and everyone is invited to play the instrument the way they please. However, there is one condition for this, after certain time, the event will be closed so as to avoid disturbing the neighborhood with unwanted sounds.

Sing for Hope is an organization focusing on this service but their work is not limited to music only. The organization encourages anyone working in any disciplines of art form to give something to the event. If you think your art can change the world, in any ways, you can try to apply to the organization as a volunteer and be featured as one of the artists in this year’s roster. Again, there is no limitation as to what kind of art forms to be featured in this event. You can be a singer, providing your voice to entertain and change people or you can be a sculptor whose statue clearly depicts someone’s feeling everyone can relate to.

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